champions of process


What does ‘green’ mean?

We believe the most sustainable building is one that lasts and one that continues to make you happy! We’re mindful of our overall environmental impact and its legacy for generations to come. We believe that just because something is labeled “green” doesn’t necessarily make it right for your project. We approach sustainability objectively and with an eye to assessing what makes the most sense for you.


Using lessons of the past to build for the future

We’re driven by technique, artistry, and experience. Whether it be framing complex buildings, working with alternative materials, or replicating that detail you saw online—we have the talent to add personality and beautiful features to your project. We approach our craft from a base of learned skill and execute from a history of practical building knowledge.


Teamwork, transparency, and ongoing communication makes projects successful

We’ve earned our reputation as collaborative, process-oriented contractors. A huge part of our job is ensuring that you know exactly what, when, and where all of the many moving parts of your project are at any given time. When a project runs into a roadblock (and they all do!) we’re present at the table to come up with a solution that pleases all stakeholders. We’ve been in the business for decades and are dedicated to sharing the knowledge and expertise that will see your project through to fruition.


From pre-construction to finished project, Earthtone is with you all the way

When you contract with Earthtone, your project is assigned a manager whose talents and background match your needs. That manager stays with you throughout the life of the project and beyond, forming a close professional relationship that allows you to focus on what’s important to you.


Earthtone helps you get it exactly right

We understand why you engage a full-service contractor. You don’t have time to coordinate tradesmen, ensure that every detail is appropriately addressed, and carry a punch list. That’s our job. We take great pride in being aware and respectful of how your construction project affects your life. Whether you want to be involved in every decision or simply place your trust in your design team—it’s our goal to execute your vision with thoughtfulness and practicality.


Looking at projects in a comprehensive way.
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