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Taylor Lane

Community in mind

Taylor Lane Coffee TM  selected Earthtone because they saw a company with aligned philosophies. They have long been passionate about sustainability, not only in the organic beans that are harvested, but in the livelihoods of the people that grow them, roast them and ultimately serve them. Taylor Lane, like Earthtone are invested in the people and the communities that they operate in. The latest store to open, next door to Whole Foods TM in Petaluma was built with community in mind – to build a fun place for people to gather- The partnership with the Earthtone team enabled just that.

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Kosta Browne

Private Tasting Room at The Barlow

After working together on a couple of other tasting rooms, Wade Design and Earthtone already had the team part worked out. Kosta Browne brought that team the challenge of building a completely independent structure within an existing steel building, the result is a gorgeous second floor private tasting room with an upstairs view into the winery.

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Medlock Ames

History, sustainability, and teamwork

The Alexander Valley winery Medlock Ames offered a fun challenge by commissioning us to transform a beloved old grocery and backroom bar into a modern and welcoming tasting room. In addition to their commitment to sustainability, the owners made a point of protecting the store’s status as a local destination and landmark. With design still in its preliminary phase and the tourist season fast approaching, they needed a partner who could oversee the project while managing the interface between designers and consultants across the United States. Using our expertise in budgeting, project management, and integrated design models, we enabled construction to begin while the final design was still being finessed, seeing it through to completion.

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Clients misc: Hospitality

Bonterra Estates

Ramey Wine Cellars

Twin Hills Winery

Vina Vista winery

EL Farolito